Tips and tricks for knitting: Yarns | Free knitting patterns

Tips and tricks for knitting: Yarns | Free knitting patterns:

Tips and tricks for knitting: Yarns   Yarn Fibers Yarns are made of m any different materials, often referred to as content. There’s the traditional wool and cotton (natural fibers) and acrylic (man-made). There are also exotic animal fibers from the alpaca, the angora rabbit, the angora goat (mohair), the cashmere goat, and even possum from New Zealand and the occasional hand-spun dog hair! Qiviut comes from the downy underwool of the Arctic musk ox, quite rare and expensive. There’s been a return of vicuna, an even more uncommon and expensive yarn from a relative of the South American alpaca and llama. In my stash, I have such rarities as yarn from fox, chinchilla, m ink, yak, and buffalo. Blending different fibers can impart the best of all worlds. A bit of acrylic can lighten up and make stretchy the inelastic cotton. Acrylic can also make wool machine washable and/or dryable. Wool introduced into an exotic can make it m ore affordable. YARN CONTENT Type: Wool Origin: Sheep