Knitting For The Perfect Fit -Masterclass | Free Knitting Patterns

Knitting For The Perfect Fit -Masterclass | Free Knitting Patterns:

 Knitting for the perfect fit -Masterclass ONE OF the great benefits of hand knitting is that you can achieve a fit that is exactly right for you. Knitted fabric has a fair bit of stretch in it, but even so, if you want a fitted garment to glide smoothly over your curves, the answer is likely to lie in bust darts, created using short rows.Here we look at adding darts to a design which doesn’t have them, adjusting those that do, and removing them altogether if they really aren’t for you. Why add short rows for bust darts? Side increases from waist to armhole allow for the extra width needed in the upper body, but darts made by working short rows to increase the amount of fabric in the centre  of the Front of a garment help to do this in a way which minim ises bulk. If the garment is designed to hang loosely then a neat fit is not an issue, but if you find that knitw ear tends to gather or w rinkle under your arms, then darts would help.Put on a slim -fitting sweater w ith no shaping and