How To Knit: Underarms | Free Knitting Patterns

How To Knit: Underarms | Free Knitting Patterns:

 How to knit: underarms: It's no secret amongst my knitting friends that I love knitting sleeves, seriously LOVE them. Apparently, this is a fairly unpopular perspective and I'm constantly surprised to hear so many knitters say they hate knitting sleeves! Sleeves are seriously awesome to knit, they're quick and mindless. If you knit them on small circumference circulars, as I do, it's just a case of knitting around and around and around, and they grow so fast. Particularly in comparison to the body of a garment. The feeling of having slogged away at the body of a garment for what feels like forever, and then finally you come to the sleeves, and it seems like the end is in sight; that is such a great feeling! Tuck your knitting under your arm and you can knock off those sleeves anywhere. However, I do get that some people don't like knitting sleeves, they find the whole process of picking up stitches along the armholes a bit daunting. The feel taunted by those holes that occur and seem